Far Horizons | About

Landscape and Wildlife photography by Roger Coan, from Northumberland and beyond.


Living in Northumberland I have always appreciated the wonderful scenery we have in this part of the country. In my younger days, I was a keen rock climber, potholer and hill walker and I built up a great love for the countryside and all things outdoors. My passion for photography stems from a desire to record places I had visited, having a bad memory this was a way for me to remind myself of places and times.


Over the last few years I have become much more interested in the serious side of photography and have gradually improved both my skills and my equipment.


Nowadays I spend as much time as I can outside, taking photographs of the scenery and situations that inspire me.  I particularly enjoy low light photography, sunrises, sunsets and night time shoots, resulting in many early mornings and late nights!


More recently I have become very interested in wildlife photography after a visit to Scotland to see the resident Bottlenose Dolphins. I now spend as much time shooting wildlife, particularly birds, as I do landscapes, although my great love is still the wild open spaces.


Being based in Northumberland, I don’t have to travel too far to find great subjects for my work although I do love to travel, and so although the majority of my images are made locally there are a number from further afield.


My work has been exhibited in The Chantry in Morpeth, the Newbiggin Maritime Centre and the Harbour Gallery in Amble and recently at the Virgin Money gallery space in their office complex, as well as being available in a number of galleries, cafes and craft outlets throughout Northumberland. I regularly attend art and craft fairs and markets in Morpeth and elsewhere and also annual agricultural shows throughout Northumberland.


About a year ago I started running landscape and wildlife photography workshops on location, for both beginners and intermediates, on a one to one or small group basis.